Mayan Pyramid

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EL CASTILLO - enjoy a calming crafting activity, make an artisan architectural paper model from our kit and get a small version of the Pyramid of Kukulcán, the most well known structure of the Mayan city of Chichén Itzá, on your table. Or order it assembled and we will build it for you!

DIMENSIONS (when assembled) - 8.5 ⋅ 8.5 ⋅ 4 inches / 22 ⋅ 22 ⋅ 10.5 cm
COLOUR (with metallic shine) - limestone. Details are hand printed with acrylic mat paint in antique gold metallic colour. You can choose the finishing: either with details that are hand printed with smear proof acrylic mat paint in antique gold metallic colour, or with no printed details.
MADE FROM - sturdy card from FSC® certified sustainable sources
LEVEL - beginner
ASSEMBLY TIME - about 1 hour
This is one of the easiest of our models to build, perfect for starters in 3D paper modeling and needs just very little gluing.

Give yourself enough time to enjoy the process and achieve the best result!

Choose what appeals to you the most:

PRE-CUT KIT - FOLD, GLUE! This model comes unassembled, flat-packed in a large envelope.
What's inside? 6 sturdy A4 size paper sheets with the artwork printed, parts pre-cut and pre-creased. You will need to remove parts from the sheets, fold and glue them in order to assemble the model according to the set-up instructions which come with the kit.
Things which are not included, but you'll need in order to assemble the model: time & patience, a hard surface to work on, white glue (PVA).
Some other things might be helpful: a pointed stylus, tweezers, scissors, a hobby knife, a ruler, a cutting mat.

ASSEMBLED MODEL - READY FOR USE! This model comes hand assembled, made to order and is delivered ready to use.

Attention: Allow up to 10 business days for model preparation.

Pyramid of Kulkulkan of Chichen Itza consists of nine stepped platforms and a temple atop.

El Castillo, Mayan Pyramid of Kukulkan is one of the most impressive of Chichen Itza, Mexico, it consists of nine stepped platforms and a temple atop.

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