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Foxetroo Cut Out Paper Model Kits for Children

Clever and educational
paper craft kits for
children and parents.

Think like an architect,
train the brain and refine
your motor skills.

Kits for Children

Foxetroo is a series of innovative paper craft kits designed for children from age 6 for making 3D architectural mini models of outstanding buildings. They are great for educational purposes and fun for children while improving their cognitive, motoric and spatial visualization skills, enhancing patience and precision, developing an interest in architecture and history.

Foxetroo kits offer an engaging activity for parents and children to do together, they are perfect for small school projects, classroom crafts and art workshops, ideal for children's parties and excellent to bring home as travel souvenirs.

Brainy Design

Foxetroo kits are created by a professional architect and they reveal how architects think of basic geometric shapes when they design buildings. With Foxetroo kits children are encouraged to make simple three-dimensional solids (such as cubes or cylinders etc.) at first and then to connect them into a final model. The bright graphics complements and strengthens the form converting it into a recognisable architectural building.


Each set contains several double-sided blueprint cards printed on a carefully chosen paper which is suited for cutting, folding and gluing while still ensuring that the assembled models looks sturdy.

The front side of the cards features the graphics of all the exterior details – like doors, windows, balconies, roofs etc. The reverse side of the cards gives the cutting and folding patterns.


Colour Codes

The graphics and the cutting/folding pattern are printed on two different sides which are aligned very precisely, it makes easy to focus on cutting the parts out smoothly, as well as to follow the guidelines for assembling the model correctly.


On the front side cartoon-like freehand graphics and a playful palette of vibrant colours make the buildings appear bright and attractive.

On the reverse side the red continuous lines will always show where to cut with scissors. The green dotted lines will always guide where to score with a pen to make a nice fold. Grey has a simple yet important role - it shows where the glue should be applied; sometimes it is replaced by yellow. Black borders define the edges, sometimes they make an illusory appearance of the shapes. Tip: use a black felt pen to mask imperfections of assembling.


Smart Packaging

Each kit comes as a double pack: Foxetroo package contain two sets of cards which allows either to make two identical models from one kit or to have spare parts and extra peace of mind if something goes wrong. All the parts for making the particular building are printed on the cards and housed inside a convenient pocket size kit.

Assembling instructions and diagrams printed on the inside of the cover show the most important steps in building the model. No fancy tools are needed – just scissors, a pen, a ruler and a quality glue stick.


All the parts of the kit, including the package, are made from materials that are safe for children, non-toxic, environment friendly and conform to all industry standards, including EN71, ASTM F963 and CPSIA 2008 safety requirements.

These double-pack editions mean hours of fun. Which would you start with?

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