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Paperlandmarks Paper Design Studio

PaperLandmarks are paper model kits and assembled
models of world famous architectural landmarks.

From easy to advanced, from temples and skyscrapers to bridges
and monuments for hobby, gifts, school projects and interior decor.

Paperlandmarks logo
What makes PaperLandmarks to stand out is our intention to stick to the original as close as possible, but at the same time to look at each model as a unique piece of design and leave enough room for imagination rather than give an exact miniature replica of the building. We try to strike that perfect balance between scale and level of detail, the quality of paper, and the ease of assembly.

Some landmarks may look surprisingly when modeled in paper. What might seem a landmark to the general public consensus and what the model depicts could be two different things. For example, when you look at the spires of skyscrapers from the street level, you have only that beautiful recognisable image in your mind. But when this architecture is reproduced in scale with all the volume of the building, it often adds a moment of unexpectancy to that iconic image you have in your head.

Designing a kit which will be assembled by people of various backgrounds constantly reminds us to make this experience technically smooth, but still very exciting. Constructive solution differs from model to model, but some basic principles remain common for all.

Within our collection you will find paper model kits for different levels of mastery. As a general rule, we recommend these kits for anyone from age 13 as building work requires patience, advanced motor skills and ability to read assembly diagrams and instructions. But we know that there are some younger modelers who have done a great job being supported by their families or teachers.

There are two basic types of PaperLandmarks kits:

Paperlandmarks Printed Model Kits

Printed Model Kits

CUT, FOLD & GLUE - the scoring and cutting pattern is printed on the front side of the worksheets so you can easily cut out the parts and assemble the model according to set-up instructions.

Paperlandmarks Pre-Cut Model Kits diecut dieline paper card

Pre-Cut Model Kits

FOLD & GLUE - no additional cutting is needed since every part is already cut very precisely on the worksheets. The width of openwork frame for some models is as narrow as 1,5-2 mm, so be ready to fold the parts very accurately. Glue should be used only at some crucial spots.

Some of the models come both in printed and pre-cut version. And if you are not in a crafty mood but still would like a piece of a paper sculpture on your table, we can build it for you. Just choose what appeals to you the most!


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