About Us

PaperLandmarks is a creative design studio based in Cheltenham, United Kingdom, with nearly 20 years experience in paper engineering, graphic design, packaging and product development. We share our love for beautiful places and paper by creating fab architectural models, educational craft kits, eye-catching souvenirs and innovative packaging.

Started as a weekend project two decades ago by Imants Čaklais, a professionally educated architect with extensive experience in paper-based packaging industry and a keen interest in history, design, paper and traveling. His passion for artistic expression and fascination with manufacturing processes led to the opening of his own company with architectural modeling at its heart.

From an enjoyable part of schooling it developed into a family run business which now involves paper engineering, graphic design, publishing, product development and packaging; it serves both private and business customers bringing love for beautiful places and papers through architectural models, educational craft kits and gift items.

All our products are brainstormed, designed and tested in-house. We strongly believe in a flexible on-demand manufacturing approach which not only gives our customers a wide range of options and personalised experience but also keeps production minimum and ecological footprint as low as possible. We are happy to work with our business partners who share a vision of responsible and sustainable manufacturing - from paper makers to printers and die cutters both in the UK and overseas.

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