Kolka Lighthouse Postcard

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KOLKA LIGHTHOUSE - this miniature scale model of the Kolka Lighthouse doubles as a nice postcard you can send to a crafting friend! Cut the parts out, score, glue and assemble according to the markings and a 3D picture on the same side. The height of the model is 4,5 inches or 11 cm.

SCALE - 1:200
POSTCARD SIZE - A6, 4.1 x 5.8 in / 10.5 ⋅ 14.5 cm
MODEL HEIGHT (when assembled) - 4.5 inches / 11 cm

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For centuries the lighthouses at Cape Kolka (Domesnes) in northeast Latvia were all important guides for the ships sailing between Western European ports and the Riga port. A newest lighthouse in Kolka (northeast Latvia) was erected in 1884 on an artificially built island in deep water outside the sandbanks and shallows of Cape Kolka. It is still fully functioning automatic lighthouse which guides the ships and welcomes curious tourists.
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