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Architectural centrepieces for events

Imagine famous
architecture at the centre
of your event decor.

Let us help to
make your vision
come to life.

Architectural Centrepieces

Eiffel tower centrepiece as table decor at the wedding party

Are you planning a wedding reception, anniversary or birthday celebration, organising a special occasion with fine dining or arranging a corporate event and looking for exquisite table decorations to complement your architecture or travel-themed party?

This is exactly where we can help you as we enjoy turning famous landmarks into stunning one-of-a-kind table centrepieces for events, be it a bridge or terrace house, tower, skyscraper, castle, palace or arena, you name it!

Compared to our regular collection of paper models you may want to have something more imaginative and decorative for a table centrepiece, a shape that catches the eye and reveals the beauty of the architecture at a glance through recognisable shapes and intricate details cut out in paper.

Please fill out a form below and we will prepare a quote for you and hopefully start to work on a perfect table decor right away.

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We will be happy to build you any piece unless its reproduction is restricted, limited or questioned by law, contracts or social norms; we reserve the right to refuse taking any order without an explanation.


We use cutting edge tools and machines to produce intricate designs with the finest details. All centerpieces are hand-assembled in our studio, then carefully packed and delivered right to your address by tracked & signed mail.


Tell us when you need it - due to the growing number of orders we plan weeks ahead. Either you choose an architectural centerpiece from our current collection or prefer something different, every centerpiece needs some time to be designed or customised, assembled and shipped. Please book us early, it is best at least 8 weeks ahead of the event.

Size Guide

  Tall centrepiece icon

LARGE  ·  60 - 90 cm  ·  24" - 36"

MEDIUM  ·  30 - 60 cm  ·  12" - 24"

SMALL  ·  20 - 30 cm  ·  8" - 12"

Compact centerpiece icon

LARGE  ·  40 x 40 cm  ·  16" x 16"

MEDIUM  ·  30 x 30 cm  ·  12" x 12"

SMALL  ·  20 x 20 cm  ·  8" x 8"

Long centrepiece icon

LARGE  ·  60 - 90 cm  ·  24" - 36"

MEDIUM  ·  40 - 60 cm  ·  16" - 24"

SMALL  ·  30 - 40 cm  ·  12" - 16"


Tell us your preferred colour - pick one from the drop down box as a rough guide to give us an idea and we will find and offer you a few papers with matching tones to choose from.


For table centrepieces we use thick paper within the weight range of 250-300 gsm. We recommend either pearlescent finishing which radiates shimmering metallic lustre, or matte with a naturally textured surface.

Sample of pink pearlescent card used to create architectural centrepieces for wedding events Sample of pink matte paper used to create architectural centrepieces for wedding events

Any other preferences? Please let us know.


Apart from assembling, creating a bespoke new model or customising the existing one takes a lot of time for research and design. Therefore you will benefit from ordering two or more centrepieces of the same design (even if from different material or colour tone) as the second copy will cost much less.