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CHILDREN'S MUSEUM OF PITTSBURGH - go on a crafty journey with your child, enjoy a bit of modelling and role modelling, be a great teammate, think like architects do through basic shapes and solids, have fun and make bright-coloured 3D architectural miniatures featuring three buildings of the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh.

Dimensions (when assembled) -

Old Allegheny City Post Office Building - 2.3 ⋅ 2 ⋅ 2.3 in / 6 ⋅ 5 ⋅ 6 cm
Lantern Building and Buhl Planetarium - 4.7 ⋅ 3.5 ⋅ 1.6 in / 12 ⋅ 9 ⋅ 4 cm
MuseumLab and New Hazlett Theater - 3.9 ⋅ 3.1 ⋅ 3.1 in / 10 ⋅ 8 ⋅ 8 cm

Size of the package - 5.1 ⋅ 4.2 ⋅ 0.2 inches / 13 ⋅ 10.7 ⋅ 0.5 cm

AVAILABLE at the Museum Shop, 10 Children's Way, Allegheny Square, Pittsburgh, PA, 15212, USA.

PRINTED KIT - CUT, FOLD, GLUE! You will need to cut, score, fold and glue the parts in order to assemble the models.

What's inside? 21 blueprint cards, assembling instructions and diagrams are printed on the inside of the cover and show the most important steps in building the model.
The blueprint cards are precisely double side printed:
  • on the front side - graphics with all the exterior details - like doors, windows, balconies, roofs etc.
  • on the reverse side - the cutting and folding patterns; this makes the cutting job easier, helps to focus and adds an extra moment for excitement.
  • There are numbers on both sides of the blueprint cards - they will help to assemble the model, just follow the sequence.
    Things which are not included, but you'll need in order to assemble the model: scissors, a pen, a ruler and a glue stick (we recommend a solvent-free green SCOTCH stick).
    Level - beginner
    Age - 6+
    Assistance of an adult may be advisable for 6-10 year olds, the kit is not suitable for children under 6 years.
    Assembly time - at least 2 hours

    Colours - multi full colour
    Made from - paper from FSC® certified sustainable sources: safe for children, non-toxic, environment friendly and conform to EN71, ASTM F963 and CPSIA 2008 safety requirements.

    ISBN: 9780993132360, Children's Museum of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Cut-Out & Glue Paper Model

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