Autumn Collection No. 85

Product Description

How to arrange orange, black and white to make three faces of a solid cube seen from the outside or the inside?

Decorate your fridge (or any other metallic surface) with this playful Greek 3D illusion pattern made from hexagonal magnets.

Magnet size:  2.2" 2.6" 0.2" or 58  65  5 mm.

Materials: metallic shell, paper, ink, glossy film cover, magnet backing.

Hexagons are very much about combination - put them side by side to make a pattern, a mosaic or an optical illusion! Whether alone or together, these sixsides are always great! Did we mention stocking fillers?

Attention: actual product colours may slightly vary from colours shown on your screen.

Warning: this magnet is not a toy and shouldn't be given to toddlers or children under 3 years!

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