Paper Landmarks


PaperLandmarks are finely detailed models and express the very nature of the landmarks they represent. You can use these models as gifts, for interior decoration, for school projects or just spend your time in a great manner. Wherever you use them, we guarantee their superior quality. Ages 12 to adult.

All kits contain unassembled flat parts of the models and step-by-step set-up instructions. Constructive solution differs from model to model, although some basic common principles are taken in account. We make two types of kits:

PRE-CUT MODELS - no additional cutting is needed - every detail is already cut very precisely! The width of openwork frame for some models is as narrow as 1,5-2 mm, so be ready to fold the parts very accurately! Glue should be used only at some crucial spots.

PRINTED MODELS - the scoring and cutting pattern is printed on the front side so you could easily cut out the details and assemble the model according to set-up instructions.

We also design kits for kids, please visit FoxeTroo for more information.